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Learn Painting with Experienced Teacher

Learn Painting with Experienced Teacher

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Learn Painting with experienced teacher online.

Time will be best fitted to your local time.

FREE demo class!

Once the course is purchased, the tutor will contact to answer any questions and set up the schedule.

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Teacher Name - Sourav Banerjee

Email AddressĀ -

I have completed my studies in Fine Arts from Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata.
In addition to studing fine arts, i have also been engaged in teaching 'art' for past three years as a private art tutor.

I think art education can develop the children's mind and making a student awareĀ of 'art' is a important part of education system.

In online classes for beginnersĀ or primary level students, i try to teach about preliminary concept of drawing using various shapes and form.

Fill a painting ( like a drawing of house, flower or fish ) with colour, using pastel or crayon.

Making crafts using various colour paper.

In this stage i try to make littleĀ children love with paintings and craft by demo classes and regular assessment.

For Higher level students my teaching method quite different from beginners level
For this level my teaching method is as below :

ā€¢ To make a art student proficient in Drawings.

ā€¢ Give an idea of what 'Composition' is in painting.

ā€¢ Human drawing is an important part in composition Drawing and making a student proficient in human drawing by regular practice.

ā€¢ providing demo classes about watercolour painting, Gouache painting and others medium of art.

ā€¢ ' Still life ' painting another core part of preliminaryĀ art practice. I try to teach 'still life' painting for buildĀ up one's perception about our material world and basic 'form' of a object.

ā€¢ Pencil sketch, landscapes painting is also a necessary part of my teaching process.

ā€¢ Since my art education rooted and shaped by indian traditional art (like FolkĀ Art of Bengal, Alpona, Decorative Art) and culture. So, i try to give a brief description to my students about this subject.

ā€¢ I think with out Art History the 'Art Education' is incomplete. Because of that i take a special class of history of art for higherĀ levelĀ students.

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