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6 Ballygunge Place

Large Party Combo (30 people) - 6 Ballygunge Place

Large Party Combo (30 people) - 6 Ballygunge Place

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6 Ballygunge Place is a popular restaurant in Kolkata, India that is known for its authentic Bengali cuisine. The restaurant is located in the upscale Ballygunge area of the city and is known for its elegant setting and delicious food.

A large feast refers to a big and elaborate meal typically served on special occasions such as holidays, weddings, birthdays, or other significant events. A large feast usually features a variety of dishes, both savory and sweet, and is meant to be enjoyed by many people, often with the intention of celebrating or marking a special moment. Depending on the culture and tradition, the menu for a large feast can vary widely, but it is typically characterized by its abundance of food, a mix of traditional dishes, and a festive atmosphere.

The Large Party Combo includes:

  • Radhaballavi 60pcs
  • Bhaja Masala Aloo Dum 15 plates
  • Fish Fry or Fish Roll 36pcs
  • Kaju Kishmish Pulao 12 plates
  • Kosha Mangsho/ Dhakai Kalo Bhuna 72 pcs
  • Gondhoraj Bhetki Paturi 40pc
  • Baked Mihidana with Rabdi 30 bowls
  • 40 Nature’s Solutions Disposable plates (10 Inch)
  • 40+ Ezee wooden Dinner Disposable spoon
  • 100 Premium Napkins
  • Water
  • Cold drinks

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