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6 Ballygunge Place

Bhapa Ilish - 6 Ballygunge Place

Bhapa Ilish - 6 Ballygunge Place

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6 Ballygunge Place is a popular restaurant in Kolkata, India that is known for its authentic Bengali cuisine. The restaurant is located in the upscale Ballygunge area of the city and is known for its elegant setting and delicious food.

Bhapa Ilish is a popular Bengali dish that is made with hilsa fish, also known as ilish. Hilsa is a type of fish that is native to the rivers and streams of South Asia and is highly prized for its delicate and flavorful flesh.

To make Bhapa Ilish, the hilsa fish is marinated in a mixture of mustard paste, yogurt, and spices and then steamed in a banana leaf or foil. The steamed fish is then served with rice or roti (flatbread) and a variety of side dishes, such as vegetables, lentils, or salad.

Bhapa Ilish is a flavorful and aromatic dish that is enjoyed by many people in West Bengal and other parts of India. It is often served on special occasions or as part of a festive meal. If you are a fan of fish and want to try a traditional Bengali dish, Bhapa Ilish is a great option to consider.

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