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Roomali Roti - Aminia

Roomali Roti - Aminia

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Aminia is a chain of restaurants in Kolkata, India that serves traditional and modern Indian cuisine. They have several locations in the city, and are known for their dishes such as biryani, kebabs, and tandoori chicken. They also offer a range of desserts, beverages, and catering services.

Roomali roti, also known as rumali roti or romali roti, is a type of thin, delicate flatbread that originates from the Indian subcontinent. It is made with a dough of flour and water that is stretched out into a thin, round shape and then cooked over high heat until it is soft and pliable. Roomali roti gets its name from the word "roomal," which means "handkerchief" in Hindi, because the bread is so thin and delicate that it is often compared to a handkerchief. Roomali roti is typically served with curries, kebabs, and other dishes, and is a popular choice at Indian restaurants. It is also sometimes used as a wrap for sandwiches or other fillings.


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