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Amriti - Banchharam's

Amriti - Banchharam's

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Banchharam's is a confectionery and sweet shop in Kolkata, India. It is known for its traditional Bengali sweets and snacks, as well as its famous Rosogolla, a round sweet dumpling made from chhena and semolina dough and soaked in light syrup made of sugar. The shop has been in business for over 150 years and is considered a cultural institution in Kolkata. It is a very famous and old sweet shop in Kolkata.

Amriti, also known as Imarti or Emarti, is a sweet dish that originates from India, typically made in North Indian and Pakistan. It is a deep-fried sweet dumpling made from urad dal (black lentils) flour and semolina. The dumplings are soaked in sugar syrup, which gives them a sweet, sticky texture. They are usually shaped like a flower and often served at festivals and special occasions. The sweet is known for its intricate design and beautiful patterns, making it an attractive addition to any dessert platter. The sweet is also called Jhangri or Jhangira in some places and is famous in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Rajasthan.

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